1) What is Maike? How does it work?

Maike is the fastest, most convenient way to find the right product for you. In a few clicks you can find the highest recommended products based on hundreds of reviews, for dozens of products and brands. Maike is not a traditional shopping site, we don’t want to know your credit card number. We are a site to find the best product for you or the person you shop then connect you to all retail channels (e-tailers as well as brick and mortar stores) to bid for your business. Isn’t that what we all want, when shopping?

2) What is wrong with the five-star rating system?

Recent headlines of billions of fake Facebook profiles, and fake reviews on Amazon contribute to the inaccuracy of the rating system. When was the last time that you saw a glowing review, but that review was given a 1-star rating or a review that wasn’t about the product but about the delivery process? Or two reviews of the same product critique with greatly different scores. The current 5-star rating aggregates all these types of reviews providing an inaccurate assessment of the real value of the product.

3) Why is Maike Rate better than the 5-star rating system?

Maike Rate throws out the 5 stars and uses machine learning to read what the consumer really wrote. We ignore comments about the retailer or shipper to focus on just the product. Maike uses a proprietary algorithm that enables a better consistency in the rating of the reviews. The rating is based upon the relevant reviews that pertain to the product.

4) Why do I need to create a profile?

Two reasons. First, it is a convenience to the user to not have to fill out the information each time you use Maike to buy another athletic shoe or sporting goods (or for 6-8 different website doing it yourself). The second reason is to give retailers a full understanding of your buying power to get the best possible offer. You, the user, chooses to share this information when you request offers from retailers.

5) Why can I trust Maike with my data?

Maike does not sell, distribute, or promote your data to any third party. The user tells Maike when they want to share information to get offers from retailers. And Maike never gives your email address to anyone. No spam or pop-up ads here.

6) Where I can I give you some feedback?

We would love to hear from you. Tells us what you like and what you we can do better. What additional products would like to see on Maike? Look for the feedback button at the top of the page.

7) Do you charge any fees?

No Maike is free to consumers. We make money by charging retailers for the opportunity to make you an offer.

8) What if I want to read all the reviews?

You are welcome to go ahead and start clicking.