The concept of Maike was invented by co-founder Eliza when she became frustrated trying to figure out the best running shoe to purchase. There were too many shoes available, too many websites to look at and way too many reviews to read. And the reviews were sometimes helpful and sometimes not. And sometimes fake. There had to be a better, faster way to find the right product and that was when Maike was born.
What if you could find the best product for you by reading just one review? We take the pain out of product research by providing the consumer with the results of hundreds of products and thousands of customer reviews in one easy to read format. At Maike, we get rid of the 5 star system and actually look at the words the reviewer writes. Maike applies AI and sentiment analysis reading reviews to produce Maike rate score from 1-10. We match these to the users’ specific requirement to deliver the highest recommended product.
Eliza Kwok Suzuki
Co-Founder & CTO

Eliza is a data scientist, born and raised in Silicon Valley, with 5 USTPO issued patents. Her interest in data and predictive modeling began with her work on licensing modeling and revenue forecasting. Eliza is a 2017 MS graduate in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.

John A. Ford
Co-Founder & CEO

John Ford is a Silicon Valley veteran with a passion for new product development and launch. He has led engineering, marketing and sales teams for large companies and start-ups worldwide. John uses Maike to find the highest recommended baseball cleats for his son with wide feet.